Who is Lehui

After 30 years of reform and development, China has undergone earth-shaking changes, However, Lehui always concentrated on the development in field of beer and beverage equipment. In July 2017, Lehui international was recognized by China light industry federation as the second place of Top 10 of China light industrial machinery and as the TOP 10 of Chinese liquid food equipment. Lehui international has grown up to be a well- known brewery equipment manufactures around the world, whose quality of products and technical level has been among the top ranks of the world on behalf of advanced level of Chinese manufacturing.


Where is Lehui

Ningbo Lehui International

Ningbo Lehui is a well-recognized manufacturer in the world for beer brewing equipment and providing turnkey solutions for green-field projects worldwide. We have comprehensive service capacities including professional engineering design, equipment manufacturing, project management, installation and commissioning etc. We have the complete product line for beer equipment range from brewhouse, large fermentation tank and bright beer tank, cold block and soil filtration, yeast storage etc. Ningbo Lehui covers an area of 100,000 square meters. Its workshops cover an area of 50,000 square meters. There are about 60 experienced project managers and brewmasters, also with 40 of automatic control engineers.


Nanjing Lehui

Nanjing Lehui is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer and turn-key service. Nanjing Lehui has completed its product line dealing with world-class glass bottles, cans, keg and casks etc.


Why Lehui

· Possess the same quality and technology as its European rivals.

· With large-scale and low-cost manufacturing capacity.

· Always maintain a competitive price and fast delivery capacity.

· Rich experience of project implementation at home and abroad and brilliant success project case.

· Establishment of “service first and then business” fast service system.

· Have a distinguished and honest business reputation and passed the TRACE international anti-bribery organization certification.

· In terms of social responsibility of enterprise, passed the audit of Sedex and SGS and other international organization.

· Cleaner production and Lehui factory is the model plant in regard to dealing with waste water and exhaust and other environmental issues.